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Either Google, such as an app store or the Amazon App store, or by downloading a third party application from the website by installing APK file, which can be accessed by users third-party applications in a growing selection. mobile service is a software license that is pre-installed on the devices. Client application compatible with the user's device available to filter the list of applications, and developers in particular carriers or countries for business reasons I can limit their applications. Purchase unwanted applications, download time may be returned within 10 minutes, and some carriers requested user's monthly bill is included in the price of the Google application purchase direct carrier billing offer.
As of July 2014, In Store, Android applications are available for the more than one million. As of May 2014, 48 billion apps have been installed from the Google Store in July 2014, 50 billion apps were installed.

Applications that extend the functionality of the devices, mainly on the Android Software Development Kit using the Java programming language are developed in.  A debugger, software libraries. Documentation, sample code, and tutorials, including the one handset emulator development tools, including a comprehensive set of. Officially supported integrated development environment Eclipse, Android Development Tools plugin is using. Other development tools, a local development kit for applications or extensions or , Google App Inventor, a visual environment for novice programmers and various cross-platform mobile web applications framework, including available .
 Web Apps for Google Chrome on this distribution, enabling applications such as a local application to be wrapped in the shell to allow the open source Apache Cordova framework by using a compatibility layer while that should be available in January 2014 was announced.


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