Download android dolphin web browser

 Download Dolphin a personalized home screen for Android, with voice and Pointer Control web surfing, mobile browsing easier.
 Android, the mobile web browser on the market
 Download on Android and iOS 100,000,000 Downloads
 With lightning-fast pace, the Android Dolphin you to browse and search the web to provide the best experience. Special features of your own mobile browser to surf the Web with the dolphins for free download Android browser to download.
 By users
 "The best browser, Android phone: This is a fast browser, which provides seamless Web browsing. Browser recommendations for all!"
 "It's better than Chrome Chrome and Firefox, with So many more features and more stable, to have the best browser to date. Google Chrome update against frequently updated to try to fix the problems that. "
 In the press
 Dolphin Browser's gestures and sidebars web while on the go fast, intuitive and fun to surf. - The U.S. today
 "... It is much more than you'll feel at home on a touch screen device that is a great, easy browser."

 Signal - most use a personal Gesture (symbol) to access the web by creating.
 Sonar - download for Android Dolphin hears and your favorite social networks, be used to find your voice, allowing you to bookmark favorite websites and navigate.
 Share a tap - Facebook post, occupation and share any content, or Evernote or save it straight the box.
 tabbed browsing - no need to toggle between screens is not as browsing to your desktop, allowing you to browse the tabbed.
 Add on - you need at your fingertips by installing add-ons for the tasks you experience increasing mobile internet browser. With more than 60 and counting, Dolphin Add-ons for any action to be within the mobile browser enables. On right sidebar to you add features with preloaded 3 check.
 Dolphin Connect - Harmony history, bookmarks, passwords and easy to download, Android, iPhone, iPad, and tabs open in Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers and desktops.
 Home screen - your home screen as a speed dial on the most visited websites in. And one-touch reach easily manage them with.
 Theme - custom theme color, make your own wallpapers and skins for Rocket
 Web App Store - you never have to leave the browser, so all new Dolphin Web App Store provides access to the most popular web sites have. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, the Amazon and more than 200 web applications, to choose from.
 Send to device: Android, Chrome, Firefox and Safari with dolphins extensions to your phone and vice verse, links, maps, phone numbers, and more sent to your desktop.
 WiFi Radio - your WiFi network links to the to share with close friends.

 Note: The download for Android 4.3 and 4.4 devices, dolphin jetpack now download the Dolphin browser for Android is included within the. Users it manually installed ago you can install dolphin 
jet pack    .


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